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This Book is open Secret Knowledge of Hacker and Penetration Tester. Computer attacks happen each and every day, with increasing virulence. To create a good defense, you must understand the offensive techniques of your adversaries. In my career as a system penetration tester, incident response team member, and information security architect, I’ve seen numerous types of attacks ranging from simple scanning by clueless kids to elite attacks sponsored by the criminal underground. This book boils down the common and most damaging elements from these real-world attacks, while offering specific advice on how you can proactively avoid such trouble from your adversaries.



Prema Publications was started in 2013 with an idea of bringing all IT, Engineering, and Management publications under one roof. Moreover, its mission is to pay attention to the literary works of struggling authors who are being ignored.

Prema Publications aims to build a picture of Indian education system through its primary sources. It strives to mark its presence in the increasingly crowded market place through their consistent tie-ups with the emerging authors and student fraternities.

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